Turkije:International Halal Accreditation Forum 2013

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Turkije:International Halal Accreditation Forum 2013

International Halal Accreditation Forum 2013 


“Mutual Recognition Of Halal Certifications and Hormonization”

Afgelopen weekend is er een belangrijke ontwikkeling gaande geweest in Istanbul wat betreft halalstandaardisatie.
Te gast was Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN, minister-president van Turkije, ministers, vertegenwoordigers van 56 organisaties van Islamitische Cooperatieve Landen.
Wetenschappers van diverse bekende universiteiten wereldwijd en islamitische geleerden namen deel aan deze historische conferentie.
Landen als Griekenland, Servie, India, Maleisie, Bosnie, Thailand, Australie , Marokko, Egypte waren actief betrokken.

One halal logo , one system , one ummah. Its a beautiful thought right. Timely initiative from Turkey president and SMIIC. One day this will be come reality with Almighty’s help.” aldus Mohamed Jinna uit India.

Het volledige programma met sprekers en onderwerpen:
DAY ONE – 25.10.2013



Moderator : MARIAM ABDUL LATIF, University of Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Halal and Haram foods according to the Qur’an and Sunnah
Prof. Dr. Hamdi Döndüren, Fatih University Faculty of Theology, TURKEY

Halal brief history
Mufti. M.I.M. Rizwe, All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, SRI-LANKA

The concept of halal in Quran in the context of the human dignity
Hümeyra Koç & Tuğba Günal, Ankara University Faculty of Divinity, TURKEY

Concept of animal welfare in Halal slaughter
Hassan Aidaros, World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), EGYPT

Hidden food ingredients in Halal food Processing
Mian Riaz, Texas A&M University, U.S.A.

Consumption Risks for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)in viewpoint of Islamic Shari’a(Fikh)
Aida Ghanem, AzkaHalal, PALESTINE

DAY TWO – 26.10.2013


Moderator : Dr. WINAI DAHLAN, The Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND

Standardization and harmonization activities for Halal under SMIIC

The Development of National Halal Standards in Thailand
Pakorn Priyakorn, The Halal Standard Institute of Thailand, THAILAND

Formulating The Global Halal Standardization: A Case Study From Australian Perspective
Muhammad M. Khan, Halal Australia, AUSTRALIA

Difficulties in trade due to different halal standard
Asad Sajjad, Halal Development Council (HDC), PAKISTAN

Standard as a Foundation for Halal Industry Development
Mariam Abdul Latif, University of Malaysia Sabah, MALAYSIA

Mutual Recognition of Certificates & Harmonization
Mohamed Jinna, Halal India, INDIA
Turkije International Halal Accreditation

Moderator : ASAD SAJJAD, Halal Development Council (HDC), PAKISTAN

Globalization of Halal Food Trade: Food Industry’s Perspective
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sadek, Halal Food Council of Europe, BELGIUM

Challenges, Misuses and Common Mistakes in European Halal Market
Yusuf Çalkara, EHZ Institute of Halal Certification, GERMANY

Halal Market for products exported from Europe
Zeshan Mohamed Sadek, Halal Food Council of Europe, BELGIUM

Science and Technology Backed-Up Halal Standardization and Certification in Thailand
Dr. Winai Dahlan, The Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND

Halal Certification Process – A case Study from Pakistan
Muhammad Zubair, Halal Research Council, PAKISTAN

Past, current and future challenges of Halal Certification
Farhan Tufail, Halal Certification Services GmbH, SWITZERLAND

HALAL LOGISTICS-A growing concern among Muslim Ummah: Obligations & Opportunities for Asian vs European Islamic Communities
Jasim U. Ahmed, Halal Bangladesh Services, Ltd., BANGLADESH


Moderator : Prof. Dr. METIN YEREBAKAN, Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Engineering, TURKEY

Significance of Accreditation for Halal Certification in the world
Ahmet Gelir, World Halal Union (WHU), TURKEY

Role of International organisations in supporting the establishment of global accreditation arrangements for Halal certification – UNIDO perspective
Ali Badarneh, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), AUSTRIA

Halal Accreditation from European perspective
Amir Sakic, Agency for Halal Quality Certification, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Minimum Requirements for a Halal Certifying Body
Sheikh Thafier Najjar, World Halal Council (WHC), SOUTH AFRICA

Accreditation in Halal certification, on behalf of The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America
Muhammad M. Chaudry, The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), U.S.A.

The establishment of Multilateral Recognition Arrangement for Halal Accreditation
Moslem Barrak, Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC), MOROCCO

Halal Accreditation Scheme In Pakistan
Muhammad Sulaiman, Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), PAKISTAN

Implementation mechanism for Halal accreditation and recognition under OIC: SMIIC-AC
Salih Yüksel, SMIIC Accreditation Committee, TURKEY
Halal Certifications

Voorlichtingsbureau Halalvoeding is benieuwd in hoeverre andere bekende en erkende certificeringsbureau’s zoals uit Indonesie WHFC en Gimdes uit Turkije hier in meewerken.
Het is in ieder geval een stap hopelijk in de goede richting om meer eenduidigheid te ontwikkelen rondom nieuwe producten en meer te streven naar beter naleving op halalregelgeving wat betreft voedse.
In hoeverre commerciele en politieke belangen hierin meespelen zal  verder naar gekeken worden want de consumenten of bedrijven zullen uiteindelijk de keuze maken en mee gaan bepalen wat halal is als er te veel verwarring ontstaat en te weinig eenduidigheid.

Mariam Aaras


Halal Certifications


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