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Halal Food Information Office English

Halal Food Information Office is an information office targeting the consumer on the foodmarket, being specialized on education and creating awareness  about halal. diet, halalfood and healthy lifestyle.  
We respond to the latest developments and needs of the multicultural society to continue halalfood development and innovation, healthcare and dietadvice.

We offer advice on diet and engage in consumer sensitisation on halal in mainstream media, halal products, health & lifestyle.

The Halal Food Information Office aims to serve consumers and companies by providing insight into the quality of halal food in the Netherlands to effect behavioral change to sustainability, healthy lifestyles, safety and halal nutrition which leads to better awareness in making informed food choices.

Beside acting as the voice for consumers, we also work collaboratively with employers and educational institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. We build bridges between cultures within the healthcare and halal food industry.

Transparency, consumer confidence, innovation and social commitment are our key elements by trying to realize 6 H’s:
Halal Awareness and Education
Halal Research
Halal Promotion
Halal Diet
Halal Consultancy
Halal Media


As a Muslima dietician, I was interested in food in the Islamic context and the value of the halal market, however, there was little information on this in the Netherlands.
In 2008, I decided to do some research by meeting different halal certifiers and collecting halal information and data on the internet. I started my own website with a view to providing regular dietary advise and general halal food advise.
I discovered the business side of halal when I was invited to help organizing the first halal expo in the Netherlands and inviting companies. Further, my network was growing after I had my exhibition stand at the first halal expo in the Netherlands where I discovered more about the halal market. My network continued to grow globally and I got the opportunity to learn and discover a lot from scientific and Islamic views about halal food.

In 2013 I achieved my dream; I officially started my own company, Voorlichtingsbureau Halalvoeding (which directly translated means ‘Information Office Halalfood’) and offered consultancy, workshops, presentations and dietary advice with the aim promoting healthy lifestyles for all.
My presentations on halal primarily focused on education and awareness.

My website www.ikeethalal.nl (means I eat halal) has grown more and more and got lot of followers and at facebook. There are various facets on the site around halal nutrition and focused on the needs of the consumer including dietary advice, diversity of halalproducts and halal legislation on halal food in which beyond just one halal certificate is being looked at by creating awareness. Also I tried to show the positivity of the term halalfood as in Europe there was growing the anti halal movement, particularly against non-stun slaughter of animals.

Mariam Aaras, dietician, halalconsultant
Voorlichtingsbureau Halalvoeding (Information Office Halalfood), CEO

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